Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hillsong United Worship Concert

My first proper rock concert.

Well except for that time I attended Singapore Metal Fest '05. But that's a metal gig. This is a rock concert - ear-shattering volume, screaming all over, jumping.

Prior to the start of the concert they played some videos of United overseas. At the slightest hint of action though, people would start screaming, which Bao and I found a little disturbing. But they played a pre-start video... something about the time has come... where worshippers will... worship as God intended... I forgot la. But the effect was amazing. The staging was also orchestrated very well. The lights swimming around, flashing, strobing, color change... And the volume was at that magical level where if you weren't part of the concert you would be plugging your ears in total agony, but if you were into the music, you would be going wild right about then. I tell you, the albums are so so soooooo watered down.

Interesting that the youth pastor did his whole sermon and altar call in the middle of the concert. And 55 souls got saved. Real cool. Although... we prepared for 200. Haha, so... but what the heck. 55 souls after an hour. Interesting indeed.

At one point I realized my folly of not bringing water into the show. And after singing (yelling) at the peak of my vocal level for so long, I was gasping for air and itching, literally, for water. And with none, I just looked up and said, 'I refuse to believe that praising You with all my effort will bring me a parched throat. Lord with my

After that we sang one more slow song, then the lights went down. We could barely see the singers taking drinks, then Joel Houston started strumming his acoustic (can't hear lor also dunno for what) and singing 'God above all the world in motion...'

We. Went. Wild.

After that we were more or less shouting the lyrics all the way. In some songs I was so wheezed out from jumping that I just gave up on singing.

Yet you know, after all that... When Bao commented that was a good concert, something suddenly jumped inside me, and I realised that after enjoying all that (and I don't just mean the music), I didn't walk out of The Rock feeling any different. It's sad, really sad. But well, that's that. Guess I'll just move on now.

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