Sunday, October 22, 2006

He Hears

12 posts, wow. And now 13. No idea I posted that much here.

The Journal of Influence, on the other hand, isn't seeing too much of a business.

Anyway today I attended my church's 3rd service. In the main auditorium. Sian Hwa, for those who know him, was right. The acoustic experience in the audi was very different from overflow rooms. And I realised, in all its clarity, that the drummer uses a trigger. Never heard that one in the overflow.

I was kinda asking the Lord for one of my favourite songs to play during worship, but worship today was not too good - I didn't know half the darned songs. But it's alright, I thought, doesn't matter all that much. So we went through communion, the service, the post-service standards...

And just as I got ready to leave the auditorium, the drummer clicked his sticks four times, and the beginning strains of Salvation Is Here began to play. I froze where I was for awhile, and then seeing a row of empty seats, bundled myself into the first couple of seats, threw my bags down, and began to worship.

And just as I had wanted, just as I had asked, I enjoyed releasing my life to the Lord, right there right then.

God isn't deaf, nor does He pretend to be. He hears and He gives.

God is good. Amen people?

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