Friday, October 13, 2006

Dear Jesus


Even as I ask You now to help me love You more, Lord I ask You also to remind me to constantly ask that of You, O Lord, that I will grow each and every day in Your favour.

Give me divine strength, dear Father, to overcome temptations, evil thoughts planted in my mind. Grant me prudence and strength to rebuke them in Your mighty name instead of dwelling on and finally submitting to them O Lord, for You are my chosen God, not them.

Lord I thank You Your divine favour is and will always be surrounding me Lord, that people may take notice, and see, that I am a son of the most high God. Help me always O Lord to do the right thing, to see situations objectively and fairly, and O Lord to forgive those who have wronged me, for that is what Jesus did, even as he suffered in anguish on the cross. Help me Lord to forgive as He so graciously did.

I put my trust in You Lord, and I thank You that all things will in the end work out for good. When doubts enter my mind, Lord remind me that you are in total control Lord, and to trust in the Spirit and not the flesh. I hereby commit myself, and this day to you, in Jesus' name O Lord...


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