Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Christian Cults - Foreword

I wish to start with a series on Christian cults and their erroneous beliefs. The impression that I have gotten so far is that it doesn't really matter what they think, as long as we are in the right mind. As always I try to respect the views of others, but may I point out that the cult members obviously think that way as well, if not cults won't exist.

Now, imagine the souls out there who truly want to know God and yet are harvested by these people. Are we not leaving them to walk down the wrong path? What about those already in the cult, who are working so hard for a God they truly love, evangelising 24/7, WHAT IF they did NOT make the deliberate choice to join this sect knowing full well that sections of their doctrine are erroneous, what if they believed this was the genuine path to eternal paradise without a clue of the twisted facts behind the curtain?

I don't know about you folks, but I find this disastrous. Heck, I'm frowning even as I type this. Maybe it's because I used to be a real patsy, a total idiot who would lap up whatever was thrown at me (well I still do that occasionally but it's so much better compared to last time). And thinking how easily I would have been taken in by any of these misled speeches worries me. I'm glad the Lord has placed the tremendous (tremendous doesn't begin to describe it) blessing in my life in the form of my cousin Sandra (some of you know her as Ms Guitar... please just remember that she's called Sandra). I cannot perceive how I would have gone too far before she would have learnt of it and dragged me back handcuffed and straitjacketed, if that was even necessary. If she wasn't in my life, I could have left home to do missionary work in Alaska. For 18 months. For twisted beliefs.

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