Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Apart from the spiritual high I've experienced this weekend, I guess I'm proud to say that my Christian life has steadily been improving. Actually last weekend was more like a breakthrough, surfacing and finally being able to draw fresh sweet breaths of air after being helplessly submerged under the dark waters of negativity for so long. Well, quite long.

Angie, my Web Team superior, so to speak, from NCC, predicted that as we grow in the Lord we will look back, and we will be surprised at how much we have changed. When I entered Buffalo I called myself a Christian. I attended a church which I loved. And yet compared to now, I seemed like crap then! I observed to Ryan that I actually said Awesome God was a boring song.

H a h a ??

I read what seems like Ryan's earliest post (yes he has a blog. no he's not in my links. yes he will be when he starts updating. regularly.) and I was waxing about it to him. And do you know what he told me? According to him, he related the exact same thing to me a year ago.

And apparently in all seriousness I asked if he was alright, whether he was sure he wasn't possessed.

I actually asked that.

That is assuming he wasn't remembering wrongly, or... lying. o.0 He isn't an angel in disguise after all.

How do you know that for real Renhao? Ah shut it. Lol...

Anyway praise God huh? See now! Christian blog. Who'd have thought that my Christian musings would have gotten too much for my main blog? Seeing me back then, a Christian post would probably have made you think 'Did he ask his pastor to write this or something?'

And yet Lord, help me to change even more. Change me to be in line with Your holy will. Amen.

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