Monday, October 16, 2006

Blessings Flow Forth

As if it wasn't enough that I've had a God-saturated weekend, I woke up to blessings this morning. Yes it's Monday, and yes it's supposed to be a late day, I'm... well we are supposed to all sleep in to sleep off Monday blues, but today is the StompAIDS press conference, and there isn't quite the chance to sleep in when you have to be at Outram from Tampines at 8am.


So I beat my alarm clock to waking up, and slowly got changed. As I strolled down I was just about to press play on my Zen when the explosive start to my phone's ringtone startled the crisp morning silence.

Hello Bao.
Hey. Where are you?
Oh I'm... walking to the station actually.
Oh ok. I'm getting a cab I'll come pick you up.


Oh... ok..
Where are you ah?
Street 82.
K. See you.

You know, I thought that getting to school in a cab was a bomb. Bloody hell. Morning charge 2 bucks. ERP I dunno how in the world we travelled to amass 3 bucks. We managed to chalk a $20.30 cab fare.

And I paid um. 30 cents.

Well ok, Bao wanted to see whether we could claim from the $3000. She already forgot the receipt for the condoms (24!) and well they don't come cheap, even though they chose the cheapest, Okamoto.

When you are in the Lord, when you are in sync with Him. Blessings will chase you.


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